Sacred Heart Chapel Brings The Oaks’ Residents Together!

Spirituality is one of the eight dimensions of wellness that staff and residents embrace at The Oaks at Bartlett, a community serving
the unique needs and wants of older adults in our community.

For many seniors, finding a place where they can grow spiritually and connect with others who share their beliefs is incredibly important. At The Oaks at Bartlett, faith is not just a part of the community – it is at the very heart of it.

And that heart is Sacred Heart Chapel, a beautiful and sacred place of prayer and reflection. While many senior communities offer services and spaces for worship, a full-size chapel just for residents is very unique to The Oaks at Bartlett.

The Chapel Committee, made up of 30 dedicated residents, works tirelessly to organize a wide range of activities, liturgies, and lectures to cater to the spiritual needs of residents. During Lent, there are special retreats, stations of the cross, and non-denominational services and
activities allowing all residents to express their individual spirituality.

Many residents act as sacristans, who are resident volunteers that prepare the chapel for a variety of services, including daily mass. Others lend their voices to the choir. And the community is thankful to have five priests who provide spiritual guidance and celebrate Mass for the
community regularly.

Residents describe the Chapel Community at The Oaks at Bartlett “like a mini parish within a community,” one that serves the spiritual
and wellness needs of Catholic residents, and those of other denominations and residents who appreciate the quiet space for yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness exercises. Every day, 20-25 residents gather for daily Mass, and on Sundays, the chapel is filled with 50-70 residents who come together to worship, pray, and celebrate their faith.

According to Executive Director Joan Peterson, “The Chapel Committee is just one of the many resident-driven groups that make The Oaks at Bartlett a truly special destination for senior living. Whether residents are part of the independent living, personal care, or memory care neighborhoods, all of them benefit from the innovative dimension of wellness that The Oaks at Bartlett offers.”

As we move through the season of Lent, we remember the importance of community, faith, and connection in our lives. The Oaks at
Bartlett is not just a senior living community – it is a special community of faith, which offers a unique and enriching experience for all who call The Oaks home. Visit: