Meet the Residents: Highlights from Our Community Panel

the oaks at bartlett residents at home

The Oaks at Bartlett held an event in June 2023 to highlight residents of the community. The Resident Panel featured three residents who have lived in the community for years: Chris Hall, JoAnn Neumann, and Joan Gould. They spoke about the active social environment, continuum of care, and connection between staff and residents at The Oaks. 

An Engaged Social Life With Peace of Mind

Residents live a vibrant and engaged lifestyle at The Oaks, having a full schedule of activities, clubs, and outings to make the most of each day. There’s always an opportunity to connect with friends or meet someone new. Not only does this help keep residents physically active; it also prevents isolation and loneliness

Chris Hall has been a resident of The Oaks for 15 years. “The Oaks is a place where you can be alone, but not lonely,” she said. She loves that there’s always an opportunity for social engagement when she walks out of her apartment.

She also appreciates how living at The Oaks has put her mind at ease, as well as her family’s. “For this time in my life, the peace of mind I have living here is priceless. Not only for me, but for my daughter who doesn’t have to worry about my future care.”

Senior Living With Support at Every Step

The continuum of care at The Oaks provides residents with access to the care they need when they need it. Residents know that because they live in a Life Plan Community, they will always have a place at The Oaks at every level of care. 

JoAnn Neumann has lived here for 15 years. She felt both comfort and support when her husband and mother moved through the continuum of care. “Moving to The Oaks was the best decision we ever made,” she said. 

Oaks at Bartlett residents talking over coffee

Caring Staff and Friendly Residents 

The staff members at The Oaks at Bartlett are experienced, trained, compassionate professionals who are dedicated to providing residents with the highest-quality care possible. Residents of The Oaks are welcoming and excited to include anyone and everyone in all the engaging activities, clubs, and events happening in the community

Joan Gould has lived here for seven years. She enjoys the lifestyle of maintenance-free living and has peace of mind thanks to the community’s safety and security measures. While she also loves the weekly card games and social gatherings that keep her active and social, what really stood out to her is the people. 

“People truly care about each other here, and the staff and residents have become like family to me,” she said.    

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You don’t have to take our word for it – residents love The Oaks at Bartlett. The community provides a wonderful retirement experience. Call us today to learn more. 

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