9 Fun & Engaging Summer Activities for Seniors

summer activities for seniors include swimming in the pool

Green leaves are covering the trees, and bees are buzzing among the wildflowers – this can only mean one thing: summer has arrived. This is the season to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Check out these engaging summer activities for seniors to have a fun, active, and safe summer season

1. Swim in the Pool

Swimming or taking a water aerobics class are great ways to cool off and exercise in the summer. Water-based exercise also helps older adults with arthritis or stiff joints, or other mobility issues because the water helps support their weight, relieving pressure and stress. 

Here at The Oaks at Bartlett, we offer water aerobics classes to help improve cardio, strengthen muscles, and have fun while you’re in the pool. 

2. Play a Game

When looking for fun outdoor activities, it can be as simple as connecting with your inner child and finding a game to play. Whether you’re playing a popular board or card game out in the sun or playing a lawn game meant for the outdoors, you and your friends have plenty of choices to make the most of a summer afternoon. 

Take a look at these four popular lawn games:

3. Go for a Walk

Enjoy the walking paths in your community to get some light exercise and fresh air. Join the walking club at The Oaks at Bartlett to socialize with friends and make the walk a lively event – you may not even notice you’ve walked for nearly an hour. 

Walking can also benefit your physical health because you’re outside in the sun – a source of Vitamin D that supports your immune system. 

senior couple going for a walk, a great outdoor activity for seniors

4. Observe Nature

A great outdoor activity for seniors is observing nature. Whether on a path in the wetlands or bird watching from the gardens, there’s so much to watch and learn about your natural surroundings. 

Still trying to figure out where to start? Check out your local arboretum or botanical gardens, where there are often classes on birdwatching or plant identification. 

5. Take a Day Trip to Chicago

The Oaks at Bartlett is only a short drive away from downtown Chicago. When you want to get out and about, plan a fun trip to the city. 

You can visit the unique shops, see a show at the numerous theaters in Chicago, or support the Cubs at Wrigley Field

There are also a few can’t-miss flea markets for those who love to shop and find a good bargain. 

senior woman outside in a park with her dog

6. Have a Picnic

Eating outside is a fantastic way to celebrate the warmth and the outdoors. Bringing a picnic basket full of delicious food to enjoy with friends might end up being a weekly summer activity. 

The Oaks at Bartlett has a 44-acre campus full of beautiful walking paths through the wetlands – an ideal picnic destination. Remember to bring a blanket, drinks, and plenty of extra snacks to share. 

7. Start a Book Club

Sitting back and relaxing with a good book is always enjoyable in the summer breeze. Joining the book club at The Oaks at Bartlett can help you get through your to-be-read pile, and you can look forward to the fun event of discussing the book with friends. 

8. Move Your Body

This time of the year is filled with warmth and daylight – it’s natural to feel more active in the summer. Why not get into fitness? Taking fitness classes can get you on a regular schedule of moving your body and burning fat. At The Oaks at Bartlett, we offer a comprehensive fitness center for your use. 

Over the summer, you improve your strength, endurance, and balance – all factors that reduce the risk of injury. 

senior couple gardening outdoors

9. Start a Garden

Growing your own garden is therapeutic, and active, and you can feel pride as you watch your garden thrive. Summer is the perfect season to grow herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

You can cut a bouquet from the flowers you’ve grown or use fresh herbs and vegetables when cooking a summer meal. 

Beat the Heat: Summer Safety for Seniors

When you’re out having fun in the sun, you should take safety precautions to stay cool and avoid getting sunburned. 

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things about senior summer health. Make sure to carry a water bottle for a consistent source of hydration, or stop regularly for water breaks. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

Using sunscreen, wearing lightweight and long-sleeved clothing, and sun hats are all ways to protect your skin from the heat. Check the UV index for the day to see the level of UV radiation. The higher the UV index, the less time it will take for sun exposure to cause harm. 

Enjoy the Summer Fun at The Oaks at Bartlett

No matter the season, staying busy and fulfilled at The Oaks at Bartlett is easy. Our senior living community provides all kinds of fun activities and amenities to let residents lead an active, social, and fun life. Schedule a tour and see for yourself!